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Mindfulness can be applied to basically everything in life. Taking good care of yourself including your body is certainly a part of it. Perhaps you’ve heard of the Latin expression “mens sana in corpore sano”, which means: “a healthy mind [can exist only] in a healthy body”.

Unfortunately, industrial and technological development has resulted in a hazardous waste of all kinds (radiation, electro-smog, exhaust fumes, pesticides etc). In addition, care-products and supplements often contain a multitude of chemical substances that do our body more harm than good (preservatives, parabens, aluminium etc). Considering that there are many environmental influences we cannot avoid the need is all the stronger to take control where we can. Moreover, by using fresh ingredients it is made possible to achieve unprecedented effects.

How do we take control of hazardous effects to our health and our planet?

  • By choosing products for personal care that are natural, organic and fresh, instead of products with hazardous chemical substances like parabens, aluminium, conservatives etc.
  • By supporting companies that produce and pack their products in sustainable and ethical ways and contribute to a healthier and cleaner planet at the same time.

A company that takes care of all that is RINGANA.

I’ve been using Ringana products for quite a while now and can only recommend them:

100% natural, 100% fresh, 100% ethical.

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