Am I Hungry?® Programme

Mindful eating – your way out of restrictive dieting and overeating!

This award-winning mindful eating, 8-week program, by Dr. Michelle May is a non-diet approach, designed to help you re-establish a healthy relationship with food. Get the tools and support to change your habits around food and learn to eat mindfully.

This broad application makes mindful eating a powerful tool for developing a healthier, happier relationship with food.

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Book One of the Upcoming Courses

Is Am I hungry?®  right for you?

  • Do you have a love-hate relationship with food?
  • Are you struggling to keep your weight down?
  • Do you often eat for other reasons than being hungry, and regret it afterward?

Then Am I hungry?® Programme could be something for you.

Book One of the Upcoming Courses

Upcoming Courses

“Hunger isn’t in your stomach or in your blood-sugar levels. It’s in your Mind – and that’s where we need to shape up.”

Michael Graziano, Professor of Neuroscience at Princeton University


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