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Whenever the weather allows it we will go out into nature, slow down and make the switch from autopilot to landing in the present moment.

Then, to begin with, we will look at what you want to achieve: What will be better, clearer or easier in your life when this coaching has turned out to be a success? I´m dedicated to listening with head and heart, without any judgment ;-). Based on this we will define your destination and plan the itinerary for change. This includes a proposal regarding what I will do to help you achieve that goal (e.g. coaching, guided meditations (if needed tailor made), handouts, book tips, video’s, check-lists, journaling, homework assignments etc.) I take pride in adjusting my services as much as possible to your individual preferences and characteristics.

Subsequently, you will be introduced to the ´Mindful Way´; new perspectives and guidelines, based on the concept of Mindfulness, will successively be introduced to you. We will apply the 7 pillars of mindfulness to your specific situation and challenges (non-judging, patience, beginner’s mind, non-attachment, trust, non-striving, acceptance and letting go).

In addition, each session we will practice Mindfulness together (Body-Scan, walking meditation, gentle yoga or sitting meditation), where after we will discuss your experience.

All this will help you to train your mind to see things with more clarity and with less inner resistance. Moreover, you will slowly gain control of your responses, feel more alive in the present moment and increase your resilience and general wellbeing.

time to explore what your issues are and if Mindfulness-coaching is the right answer for you

Is Individual Coaching Right for You?

  • Are you looking for new and healthier strategies for:
    • coping with life´s challenges,
    • more focus,
    • better impulse-control,
    • more clarity and
    • peace of mind?
  • Are you adventurous enough to switch off the automatic pilot to explore new territory and change the way you relate to your own experience?
  • Would you like to improve the quality of your life in many respects?
time to explore what your issues are and if Mindfulness-coaching is the right answer for you


My coachings usually take place in nature, at various locations in the canton of Zug (other locations on request). Walking stimulates a helpful state of mind so we can come to our senses in nature, arrive in the present moment and start looking at things the mindful way.

Naturally, an indoor location can be arranged on request, if you prefer this, or if the weather doesn’t allow for a relaxing walk.

time to explore what your issues are and if Mindfulness-coaching is the right answer for you


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